Lorem Ipsum for Images ? Lorem Pixel it is

In the field of web development, everyone might have used Lorem Ipsum for generating random placeholder text in place of real content while in the development or testing phase. But what if you have a development project which has mostly

After Sir Ravindra Jadeja & Blow to Unlock, Now Its Time for Smart Namo

The title of this post may sound a bit weird and you might have a question in mind regarding what is this post all about! :O Well here I am talking about the topics that become trending on social networks

Turn Coffee into Code with Coffitivity

I had once heard a saying that “A programmer is one who turns Coffee into Code” 😉 Though I always knew that having coffee while working helps in staying awake for long so that you can sit in front of

Bye Bye MNC, Hi Startup

It has been many month since I have been looking to write on this topic but it never came through. This comes at the time when I am about to complete exactly one year working after college ( six months

MNCs v/s Government Job

Many times we have seen a situation when a student/job-seeker faces the problem of choosing a right career path suitable to them, a decision which will decide their future, a decision that will make them happy. In such situations one