The story behind ‘extends Pune’


I have recently launched a micro-site extends Pune under my personal website which lists all the startups and mid-size IT companies in Pune where job-seekers ( freshers or experienced ) can look for a job.

Why not MNCs ?

Well, there has been a usual trend among people that there are only MNCs like TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc where they can look for a job when they migrate to Pune. But this is not the case. There are so many other companies ( both product and service based ) apart from those which are constantly searching for new talent. MNCs have their own process of hiring and they schedule recruitment drives or hire through some consultancy firm. Referral is also an option but that does not apply to freshers. So it becomes a bit tough to get into a MNC when you are looking for a job as soon as possible.

And for the experienced professional, the answer to the above question is that you already know all the MNCs around and that does not need a listing. 😛 But there are so many other mid-size companies which they are not aware of.

Why only Pune ?

Because I love Pune and don`t like people migrating to Bangalore just because they cannot find a good opportunity here 😉

Why the name extends Pune ?

I was not getting any interesting name in my mind for this micro-service and I did not want to plainly say listing of companies etc. So I named it ‘extends Pune’ taking an inspiration from Base class and Child class in Java where child classes extend a particular base class. Assume Pune as the base class here and I am looking to extend it 🙂

Share this link with your friends who are looking for a new job or even a job switch in Pune. If you want to add/modify a company information listed on this page, send a pull request on this repository or you can even contact me with your information.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Archan Dholakia

    Hi there,
    Read your blog quite motivating on the fact which links career-pune-opportunity.
    Would like to have a bit more elobrated understanding on how to sneek into Mid sized ccompanies based on following:
    1.What these companies look for? ( technical background for non IT/CSE people and also from IT/CSE)
    2.What is a good platform to pitch ourselves to those mid sized opportunities?
    3. Which are some known Midz?

    Thank you.
    Archan Dholakia

    1. Chirag Swadia

      Let me answer your questions one by one in the same order –

      1. Skills is what these companies look for. All they want from people is the desire to learn, un-learn and re-learn. Startups need people who are flexible to any technology and can even switch the technology at a later stage. Your concepts should be clear, technology does not matter.

      2. You can look for startup opportunities on sites like and If you have a good profile and you are lucky, even founders of companies will contact you directly for a discussion. By the ways, is also a good platform 😉 😀

      3. It does not matter whether the company is known to people. If you get a good work profile in a company with even 10 employees, that will be more beneficial than working in a decent profile for an other company with 10k employees.

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