Smart Phones, Confused People ?


There were days when having a basic NOKIA phone was a benchmark for people ( I`m talking about 4-5 years back ) and having a Nokia E  Series for business purpose and N series for general purpose was considered as having a smartphone 😉 Things have changed lately.

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone. Even the basic mobile phones manufactured by companies are smartphones.

The Smartphone War

This all started when Apple launched the iPhone. ( not in India though ) It changed the definition of smartphones. But due to the cost factor, It was not that much dominant in India and only very few people owned it. ( still everybody dreamed of having one 😉 )

Then came the Samsung smartphones in picture. This was the first ever Samsung smartphone launched in late 2008, Though it did not become that much popular. The Samsung BOOM started in India when the Galaxy series was launched in April 2009 ( This was the first galaxy smartphone running on Android Cupcake )

Samsung smartphones soon became the iPhone for Indian users 🙂 Almost 3 out of every 5 smartphone user owned these phones. You might still see many people having a white iPhone like smartphone with a flip cover on it. This has become a trend 😀 The Galaxy series has not stopped till now and Samsung has recently launched Galaxy Grand Duos 2 which is a successor of its previous phone Galaxy Grand Duos

Enters Micromax

What Samsung did to Apple, The same Micromax did with Samsung with its Canvas series smartphones 😉 These phones had more features than the Samsung smartphones and even at a lesser cost. Currently Micromax and Samsung are going almost head to head in the Indian smartphone market with Micromax giving tough competition to the Korean giant.

The Other Competitors

The other smartphone players include Sony ( Xperia Series ), Nokia ( Windows Phones ), Lava, LG ( Nexus ) and few others. But these brands are not much dominant in India

Why this post title ?

Now the main question here is that why I have titled this post as ” Smart Phones, Confused People ? ” The answer to this is that every few days either a new smartphone is launched, or an advertisement of an upcoming smartphone is in the news. If this is not enough, you will also hear rumours of a transparent body iPhone and what not 😉

I am looking to buy a new smartphone ( and discard my old galaxy y ) for myself for the past one month, But have not been able to decide on which phone to buy. This is where the confusion is and therefore the post title 😛

The below video says it all. Do watch it 🙂


Hope you enjoyed watching the video and reading the post 😉


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